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Donald Sutherland - another Hollywood DUMBASS

In a recent interview with BBC (that's BRITISH Broadcasting Corp.), a weepy Donald Sutherland decided to jump on the the Bush-bashing Bandwagon and the President's handling of the war and Katrina.

Calling federal efforts "inept" and "inadequate to the task," he became increasingly unhinged. "And they were insulting, and they were vindictive. And they were heartless. They did not care. They do not care. They do not care about Iraqi people. They do not care about the families of dead soldiers. They only care about profit."

At one point during the session, Sutherland started crying: "We've stolen our children's future... We have children. We have children. How dare we take their legacy from them. How dare we. It's shameful. What we are doing to our world."

This aging actor also directed his attention to the media handling of Kanye West (our FIRST DUMBASS OF THE WEEK!) and slammed NBC for editing out West's rant against Bush during the star-studded Katrina relief broadcast on the west coast, saying "We're back to burning books in Germany!"

A few interesting snippets about the old guy. A Canadian citizen who spends most of his time in this country, ironically he is starring as Speaker-of-the-House in the (left-leaning) TV drama Commander-in-Chief....give me a friggin BREAK!

What many have forgotten, while he made his millions here in the U.S., is that Donald Sutherland was Jane Fonda's right-hand man in her disgraceful activities during the Vietnam war. They apparently formed an act, billed as quasi-USO "political vaudeville," called FTA ("Free the Army") which was turned into a film that was pulled after just one week. These two boneheads played to small towns along the west coast near military bases, intentionally trying to cause further dissent within the military while we were at war.
I'm sick of these HOLLYWOOD DUMBASSES - and (just for the record) am boycotting all movies featuring any of them. I don't pay a dime into the pockets of any of the moonbat actors who try to tell me how to think about war and politics. (Dumbasses!)


Blogger Earth Rooster said...

Although he is a great actor, like many actors today he is a raging DUMBASS. However, I don't believe that boycotting the films of the DUMBASS actors is the solution. If we did that, then there would be very few films to watch. Now,if they pulled his working visa and told him that he can't live here any longer, I would support that.

3:54 AM  
Blogger Timmer's Dumbass Of The Week said...

ER, you are right - and I do like movies.

Let me qualify my statement: I don't PAY to see movies with Moonbat Dumbasses in them...I wait until they are on HBO. Indirectly, I guess that is supporting them, but I would have subscribed to HBO anyway.

I think just doing THIS MUCH on a massive scale here in the U.S. might make producers and directors, who risk TENS or HUNDREDS of MILLIONS on making movies, think twice about the actors they hire.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Earth Rooster said...

Sure, they (producers & directors) will think about which actor will make them the most money, but not about the actor's politics.

5:43 PM  
Blogger Timmer said...


I'm with you bro - and I do EXACTLY the same thing. And I think ER, while he has a point, is wrong about the money. If enough people did this very thing - boycott PAYING for movies with activist actors, then it would be all abou the money.

Case in point - Ben Affleck movies (who has been off the hook lateley) have taken a SERIOUS nosedive in profits...and this might be one of the reasons.

Jane Fonda is the ultimate example. Her political re-emergence has reminded lots of people of what she has done against this country and its patriots. And now that Ted Turner had the good sense to dump her, she is trying to get back into her stalled acting career. So far, not a great comeback -- critics hated her, and Monster in Law sucked at the box office.

Keep it up bro!

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Malph said...

I remember thinking, every time I saw this asshole in a military movie how ironic it is. And now, very few remember the unadulterated shit that used to come out of his mouth...kinda' like what is coming out now.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Kent said...

Great commentary about Vietnam, my friend.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Starling said...

Chazz, he is a GREAT American actor and so is his son. What, he can't have an opinion?

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not that it likely matters here, but Ted Turner dumped Jane Fonda in part because she has had a religious conversion.

That's right, Hanoi Jane has found Jesus. I'd not expect any Christian love for her here though, and that says volumes about the quality of Christianity present.

7:03 AM  
Blogger Timmer's Dumbass Of The Week said...

Anonymous -

Good call on your correctionin the "George Carlin" piece, but now you are being a dumbass yourself.

This is NOT a Christian website, and I could give two shits if she converted or not. If she IS a christian now, perhaps she will get what's coming and truly burn in hell for all eternity for the shit she pulled.

I allow anonymous comments, but if you continue with being a dumbass I will start deleting.

Of course, you could identify yourself and your site (if you have one). Then I could visit YOUR neighborhood for some of this?

Didn't think so.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous chazz's dumbass of the week said...

Anonymous here..... but I appear as someone else, eh?

As the commenters identify can be easily hijacked in blogger, one's identity DOES NOT matter.

All are anonymous or chazz or whomever.... one never knows.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Timmer's Dumbass Of The Week said...

Anonymous -

I'll leave that last comment up, vor a few reasons:

1) To remind folks of what you correctly point out -- you can never know exactly who you are dealing with. Any village idiot can do what you did.

2) Okay, so you ARE the village idiot. Congrats on your low-tech cunning...Dumbass.

9:18 PM  

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