Sunday, October 16, 2005

Farrakhan: Still a Racist ~ And Still a DUMBASS!

"You are getting sleepy...SLEEPY! Concentrate on my BLING! White people ARE THE ENEMY! HEIL MOHAMMED, ALLAH, OSAMA AND FARRAKHAN!!!"
Just when you were starting to be lulled into believing that racism had been pretty much defeated, and you could safely go bowling with your African-American neighbor without raising eyebrows, suddenly in recent months the cries of white racism are echoing loudly in all corners - and most of us whites didn't even know we are all still just racists! DON'T TOUCH THAT BOWLING BALL!!!

"I firmly believe that if the people on those (New Orleans) rooftops had blond hair and blue eyes and pale skin, something would have been done in a more timely manner."

At 72 years old, Louis Farrakhan looks fit and powerful still (a life of concentrated hatred will do that for you) as he bellows his invectives at the "THOUSANDS" attending the "Millions More March" on Saturday, where the gathering was estimated to be far below that of the "Million-Man March" a decade earlier...which itself fell short of half a million.

"For five days, the government did not act. Lives were lost. We charge America with criminal neglect."

Of course, he is NOT charging the black Mayor of New Orleans with anything - in fact had stated in the aftermath of Katrina at a gathering in Charlotte, North Carolina, "I heard from a very reliable source who saw a 25 foot deep crater under the levee breach. It may have been blown up to destroy the black part of town and keep the white part dry."

Now who wouldn't want to take the word of a man who has visited "the Mother Ship" with Elijah Mohammed?" Here are some other quotes from this intrepid Space Traveller:

"White people are potential humans…they haven’t evolved yet."

“FEMA is too White to represent us and so is the Red Cross.”

"A black scientist named Yakub really invented the white race 6,600 years ago."

"I hasten to tell you that the precious lives that were lost in the World Trade Center was a cover, a cover for a war that had been planned to bring a pipeline through Afghanistan to bring oil from that region, oil owned by Unical of which Dick Cheney is a stock holder."

And how about those "reparations?" Tell you what, Louie, I think YOU OWE ME for all the baseless accusations of racism and victimhood bullshit that I've had to endure from losers like you for over three decades! You want a "blacks-only community?" To be "funded by whites?" And you call US RACISTS????

Can't wait to hear about the next "Million DUMBASSES" you can't manage to get together in one place...DUMBASS.


Blogger Earth Rooster said...

Farrakhan really is a DUMBASS!

I have questioned the race relation problem on my blog before. When I asked a black co-worker why he was called an African-American, why couldn't I be a European-American? He claimed that doesn't work because I am white. It is DUMBASSES like Farrakhan that preach this hatred and one of the idiots that will keep the US from ever being "One Nation Under God".

So, to all of the 'leaders' that preach hate, you are all DUMBASSES!

9:16 PM  
Blogger Timmer said...

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2:50 PM  
Anonymous joe said...

C -

I just listened to Hannity on the radio with Farrakhan's sidekick (Shebazz?). What an asshole.

This movement by Farrakhan is ALL ABOUT division, not healing - and all of the dumbasses supporting him are doing it for political reasons...funny thing is, white people who support him (like Clinton) don't realize how very deeply Farrakhan HATES THEM with every fiber in his body.

Where is the next Martin Luther King Jr when our African American neighbors REALLY need him? Where the hell is Bill Cosby right now? Blacks are getting so screwed by these horrible Vampires, like Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton. They could set civil rights and equality back twenty or more years RIGHT NOW.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Lisa Gilliam said...

My aunt has been a member of the Nation of Islam for years and my dad asked her recently what have this group done in the major cities where they predominate in the last 20 to 30 years?Nothing and frankly I hate that term African American it is politically correct and I hate pcism.Also I've never been to Africa and most of our people haven't even set foot out of this country unless they were in the military.I've had it with him,Sharpton,and Jackson always got some cockeyed excuse for why our people behave the way they do.If he wanted a recent example of stupidity and dapravity on display I guess that embarrasing display in Toledo Ohio last weekend should've been it.This is the kind of stuff that Bill Cosby got onto Black folks and chiding these black leaders for ignoring what is going on right up under their own noses.I was so proud of him when he did that.I like Starr Parker mentioned in her recent column on this we don't need a million more excuses for why Black men are so promisciuous and irresponsible.If he was really concerned about blacks condition,he would stop demanding nanny statism for us we don't need it anymore,and that is what he was demanding,also his organization is located in one of the worst gang infested neighborhood's in the country Chicago's South Side.he is soft on our people being tougher on criminals and the like.How can he criticize the government(the feds) when the problem wasn't a federal problem, it was a state and local issue.The man better start reading what the Constitution says about the separation of powers.Also how is going to Washington gonna make more of our people become chemical engineers and scientists?All they see and want to emulate is fifty cent,and some of these other thug rappers whose rap sheet extends from my home state of Alabama to California.He says little about that.When he gets serious about this stuff like Bill Cosby did then I may take him seriously but until that time forget it.

12:46 AM  
Blogger A Person said...

Farrakkhan is nothing more than a hate monger. He speaks high and mighty words when he talks of education, spiritual values and economic development and throws it all on the dung heap when he starts in on his paranoid delusions that the "white man" is out to get them.

This was particularly disturbing: When Farrakhan talked about New Orleans after Katrina, he said that people were told to leave the Superdome and head east over the bridge to the other side of town. Here's what he said happened when the reached the other side "... they were met with attack dogs and machine guns," "They fired the machine guns over the heads of the crowd. They accepted any white people that were there, but no black people."

That is a bald faced lie. And people actually believe it, as much as believe the levee was deliberately bombed.

This guy is a menace to society. He should be locked up in a round, padded room.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King Jr - "I have a Dream..."

Louis Farrakhan - "I have a Nightmare..."

2:40 PM  
Blogger Unadulterated Underdog said...

Farrakhan is an evil, coniving moron. I can't believe anyone believes enough of what he says to make him a power of any sort. Where the hell does he get his "facts" from I wonder? He'd make a good sci-fi author if he could find an audience for racist sci-fi work. Sheesh.

11:37 AM  
Blogger hammerswing75 said...

Louis is just a huckster. He makes a good living being a hate-monger so he keeps on doing it, consequences be damned. I don't even know if he believes it himself.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you listen to Farrakhan's speech he is also critical of the local officals...

you preach your hate without actually listening to what these "dumbasses" say.

Obviously you are a redneck with no education, who "loves george bush"...

how many people voted for Kerry?

You probably think nobody voted for kerry like the reps in my town...

more than 59,000,000 voted for kerry.

Were there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

You probably think there were. THERE WEREN'T! BUSH LIED! It wasn't an error, because people don't make errors that make millions of dollars for their friends.

While your government is torturing people in concentration camps like Guantamo, you are sitting here whining that somebody dares speak out against the government you "just know" is good, because "it's the USA! The USA is good! Teacher told me!"

On 9-11 the ghosts of all the victims of the fascist dictators the CIA has installed and assisted, all the millions killed in Vietnam by U.S. bombs, the 500,000 Iraqi Children starved to death with sanctions, came home to roost, unless the American people, LIKE YOU, wake up and stop supporting mass murder on the part of their government, there will just be more 9-11s and more hate for the United States.
The choice is yours, will you be a "good german" and sit back while your government bombs Iraq and kills thousands of innocent Iraqis, while your government starts openly torturing people and defending it, and totally gets rid of abortion with birth control not far behind? Or will you resist and be brave, you know, actually stand up to the powers that be, instead of running a shitty blog that just attacks anyone who challenges the world wide oppressors?
The choice is yours.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Timmer's Dumbass Of The Week said...


WOW!!! Now THAT is what I call a GOOD RANT! I hope you feel better, cuz you just unloaded some seriously pent-up frustration!

You might SERIOUSLY want to give PAM and her FIVE SISTERS another go...real soon.

I can only imagine how truly frustrated you must be - as an unrequited Heinz-Kerry supporter.

And I see that you are a TRUE FARRAKHAN FOLLOWER, given your equal penchant for erroneous logic, lack of basic research and sub-7th-Grade Math. (100 thousand or so vs a "Million"'d think Louis would have remembered that from '95). :-)

Ummm, what was that about "education?" (Go get that GED, mah brutha!!!)

Alas, there is much I could say to you, but while you remain "anonymous" it just won't do! YOU MUST HAVE A MONIKER!!!

Therefore, in lieu of your having given a name (even a nom de plum would have sufficed), I will assign one for you...let me see....

I know!!! How about D-U-M-B-A-S-S !!!?

It's too bad you are not as famous as you are stupid, or you might have qualified for my DUMBASS Of The Week! (I mean this in a GOOD way ;-)

Oh YEAH! Hey, err, DUMBASS, I almost forgot....thanks for coming by! Seriously. I LIVE for people like you!

8:45 PM  
Blogger Timmer's Dumbass Of The Week said...

Earth Rooster, Joe, Lisa, Person, OK Liberal, Anonymous-1 and Hammerswing -

Thanks for YOUR comments! I live to hear from reasonable folks like you too!

(But OOOooohh I LOVE that kind of Dumbass adversity - and I beg your indulgence!!!)

8:52 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Anonymous said...
"If you listen to Farrakhan's speech he is also critical of the local officals..."

"you preach your hate without actually listening to what these "dumbasses" say."

"Obviously you are a redneck with no education, who "loves george bush"..."

This dumb ass is calling you guys a "redneck with no education" and then precedes to spew out statistics that he/she hasn't even researched! LOL I guess he just simply trusted his teacher when they told him all those stats. What a DUMB ASS!!

It is because of stupid people and their comments such as the ones left on this post by Mr. Anonymous that I changed my Blog name from “Chris' Spot” to "White Bald-Headed Cracker." I am always accused of being a racist because I call the likes of Jackson, Sharpton and Farrakhan what they really are? Racists.

Why is it that people like this nut always assume some one is racist because they don't agree with the likes of Farrakhan? Oh and just for the record Mr. Anonymous DUMB ASS...I have listened to all of what Farrakhan stated. You obviously haven't. Do yourself a favor and get a name to go with those comments so we know that you have a back bone and research the stats you want to try and use before you use them. You are real good at showing your Ignorance! But what else can you expect from a DUMB ASS!!

But what would I know? I am just another WHITE BALD-HEADED CRACKER!!

10:44 PM  
Blogger Timmer said...

Chazz -

I think Anonymous (aka "DUMBASS") is someone who is trying to yank your chain - but a Dumbass nonetheless.

Regardless of politics, I would not dare to even JOKE about the alleged evils of America "coming home to roost" (which is a partial line he borrowed from that UBER DUMBASS - Ward Churchill) on 9-11. That alone deserves this moron a good old-fashioned ass-whoopin.'

Back to Farrakhan (who is truly the SUPREME DUMBASS of them all) - you hit it RIGHT ON THE HEAD!

"Can't wait to hear about the next "Million DUMBASSES" you can't manage to get together in one place...DUMBASS."

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I thought I would break my spleen on that one - awesome!

And a word to Farrakhan followers (not that any true Nation of Islam boneheads will visit here), your leader has said (in the past) that he wants his own country in Africa for African Americans only -- here's one word for you: LIBERIA! Have a nice trip...

And I guarantee you that the TENS OF MILLIONS of the (mostly silent on this issue, but) hardworking, enterprising and self-sufficient black folks remaining here will also say "good riddance!"

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Frank L said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I changed my priorties and fixed the right sidebar space problem so your site name is now correct.

Thanks again for the visit.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys have some balls to say this stuff - I'll give you that. And (also being white) I have felt exactly the same way as you do. It's just that lots of people who read this will automatically accuse you of racism although ironically it is racism you are obviously against.

Call me a wimp, but I agree with you and still can't leave my name on this. Not yet. I bet most whites are the same way. We have all been programmed to take it and walk on those eggshells. Pretty sad, I know.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Kent said...

Bush lied huh? If Bush lied about WMD, then Clinton lied, Gore lied, Kerry lied, Edwards lied, Hillary lied, Kofi Annan lied, Tony Blair lied, Jacques Chirac lied, Gerhard Schroeder lied, Vladimir Putin liked, John Howard lied and Hosni Mubarak (among many, many others) lied.

Everyone believed Saddam had WMD.

I still believe he did. In the run up to the war, Iraq had six months, SIX MONTHS, to dispose of the active WMD, by either burying them in the sand or moving them to Syria or Jordan or Lebanon.

Intelligent, reasonable, informed, pragmatic people are capable of recognizing evil, threats and stupidity when they see it. Democrats, deluded by anger and hated, are not.

Farrakhan and Anonymous--both DUMBASSES.

12:27 PM  
Blogger J.Wizzle said...

Hey, great site! Keep it up.

9:46 AM  

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