Sunday, November 27, 2005

Muqtada al-Sadr ~ AKA al-DUMBASS

"Hey! Get this thing off my head - it's friggin' HOT over here!"
Just when you think you've heard the last of the cherubic little Shi'ite fuzzball cleric who made such a stink in Iraq against coalition forces up to just a year ago, Muqtada Al-Sadr pulls a make-over worthy of Madonna and reappears in the guise of something else. In his case, a political player, and with a surprisingly large following of supporters - and enemies.

It doesn't hurt to have an influential father - young Muqtada's Dad was a very powerful Shi'ite cleric, who apparently bumped heads with Saddam Hussein's regime too many times. His car was ambushed in the town of al-Najaf, in 1999 - he and two of Muqtada's brothers were gunned down.

Although he retained a reasonable following from some of his father's original flock, he was not considered a real player in Iraq - that is, until his armed opposition to coalition forces and the United States in his stronghold of Sadr City until early 2004. Once it was clear that he would be killed or captured if he chose to continue armed resistance, he agreed to join the political process and disband his so-called Mahdi Army (albeit with a short-lived return to hostilities in the Summer).

Having urged his estimated 2 million supporters to abstain from voting on the constitution earlier this year, our chubby chameleon has done a 180 and has put forth a list of candidates for the upcoming December elections. Young al-Sadr then announced that he supports no one, and urged people to vote their conscience.

Pretty smart guy, right? Maybe, but I have severe doubts about this 31 year-old reaching 35. With his John Kerry-like flip-flopping, he has made some enemies. His Sadrist movement is splintering; he has been in constant conflict with the Grand Ayatollah of Iraq, Ali al-Sistani; is hated and feared by much of the Sunni population; and has a fair amount of American blood on his hands (including U.S. Army Specialist Casey Sheehan and many of his comrades in Charlie Battery of the First Cavalry Division).

He has proven to be a slippery one indeed, but methinks that luck may soon run out on this young upstart. He HATES America, despite our having removed his Father's killer from power. As far as I'm concerned, his death would be the end of just another DUMBASS.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

ZARQAWI is DEAD! (Or, at least a DUMBASS!)

According to the news reports and the Blogosphere tonight, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi might have met his maker today. Too much to hope for, if you ask me, but a great opportunity to point out that he is exceptionally qualified for the position of DOTW!

As the self-appointed leader of "al-Qaeda In Iraq," this modern-day version of The Jackal is vying for dominance over Osama bin Laden and his henchman, Ayman Zawahiri in the al-Qaeda organization.

After a letter was intercepted from Zawahiri to Zarqawi back in July of this year, it is plain to see that there is a power struggel going on between these two dead-men-walking (I say that, because neither has a bright future). Zawahiri was not only asking for money, but was trying to gently subdue this Jordanian-born upstart whose love of slaughtering civilians has cause a very big PR problem - especially since the attacks in Jordan earlier this month.

These attacks, killing many members of a Jordanian wedding party, has gotten MILLIONS of Jordanians out into the streets against this heartless thug. In a letter of apology to Jordanians last week, he sstated "People of Islam in Jordan, we want to assure you that we are extremely careful over your lives … you are more beloved to us than ourselves." Of course, given the captured female would-be suicide bomber and her story of seeing all of the women and children of the wedding party, Jordanians are not buying it - and want some DUMBASS on a STICK!

Zarqawi also targeted the popular Jordanian King Abdullah Hussein, which also went over like a lead balloon.

How ironic that this head-chopping coward, with a cool 25 million clams on his head, might have been picked off yesterday in a gunfight with U.S. Forces in Mosul? How ironic, now that his own family has disowned him. If this DUMBASS actually DID get whacked, it would seem that there will be no one to attend his funeral - and I'm thinking that after all the fellow Muslims he has killed, the 72 virgins ain't happening either.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jimmy Carter is CLEARLY a DUMBASS

"Ahm Jimmy Cahtah - and a big ol' DUMBASS!"
Arguably the WORST American president in living memory, Jimmy Carter is apparently a prolific writer; now traveling the media circuit promoting his 20th book, entitled Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis. As yet another platform intended to assail his nemesis President Bush, and what he terms Christian "Fundamentalism" in general, Carter has gone completely off the deep end in his interviews. While it has been a tradition among former presidents to abstain from overt criticism of sitting presidents, Jimmy Carter is blasting both barrels at a time when President Bush's approval rating has hit an all-time low. (It should be noted that Carter's all-time low was 28% - a full 10 points lower than Bush's).

One critic sites "He criticizes fundamentalists for simplistic and superficial convictions, while he offers superficial and simplistic assessments of urgent moral questions."
Of course, I would put it very differently. Don't fool yourself - with this DUMBASS it is very much about lost opportunity, sour grapes, and money. His humanitarian work since losing a second term aside, Carter tends to pop into public awareness with his bitter whinings every few years - ad nauseum.

In his book, Carter attacks President Bush's "arrogance" and claims that he is using his "fundamentalism" to force this country down a path it does not want to follow. "This President has radically departed from (the policies) of all previous presidents."
If following the Carter example is what he means by a radical departure, than I am all for the departure - and as radical as can be. George Bush, unlike this Peanut-head, has made the hard choices for our country by doing what he felt was best. Even his staunchest critics admit that he is unwavering in carrying out his office, and seems to care little for polls to guide him in setting policy.

While recently in Kansas City, Missouri, Carter cited "In the last 5 years there's been a dramatic and disturbing and radical change in the values of this country." As an example, he added that peace is an American value, not pre-emptive war: "We don't wait until our country is threatened," Carter said, "we publicly announced our new policy is to attack a country, invade a country, bomb a country."
The actual policy collective, which has been called "The Bush Doctrine," included a warning that there would be no distinction between terrorists and those who harbor them. Policies for preemption and unilateralism were also delineated.

Stating that for many years the US supported the Geneva convention, saying we won't torture prisoners, he laments "our senators are voting to keep torture. It's inconceivable this would happen in the United States of America."
Two fully-fueled jumbo-jets slamming into the World Trade Center and killing nearly 3000 innocent people was pretty damned inconceivable too, ass-wipe! Before 9-11 came raining down on our heads, like so many bodies and buildings falling from the sky, this country was in a drugged out slumber. If slapping the beejesus out of a couple of terrorists saves even one American life, to me that is well worth the trouble. And to publicly debate where we draw the line on interrogations is just one more indicator to the common terrorist thug that we are weak and ineffectual (like a certain former president, perhaps?)

Just last week, The Washington Times reported that the (Evangelist Christian) President Carter had condemned America's abortion culture. "I have never felt that any abortion should be committed -- I think that each abortion is the result of a series of errors..."
No abortions? Ever? What about rape victims? Should they be forced to carry a rapists baby to term? And young adolescents or those whose life is endangered by the pregnancy - what about them? My point is, there has got to be a line in the sand, somewhere on this practice. I'm not too crazy about abortion, in general, myself - but there are always exceptions. It would seem that old Jimmy himself is letting HIS religion get in the way here.

My reaction to this DUMBASS goes something like this: Dear Jimmy Carter - If you had done your job as Commander-in-Chief back in 1979 we would not be where we are today, in fact may not need a strong leader like President Bush to make hard decisions, which you could not bring yourself to do when history came knocking. For 444 days, starting in 1979, 66 of America's sons and daughters were held hostage by a fanatical gang of Islamic fundamentalist thugs in Iran. The Iran Hostage Crisis could have been swiftly brought to a close if you had done the right thing. America was seen as weak throughout the world while you kissed Ayatollah Khomeini's ass, and since that time we have been victimized time and again by these very same Islamic Terrorists -- we have YOU to blame for setting the stage for what ultimately led to 9-11, and you should be thanking President Bush for4 having the balls to finally clean up your mess. Dumbass.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Jacque Chirac: A DUMBASS in DEEP SHIT

The French President Jacques Chirac is in some serious trouble - and it has much to do with the fact that he is a DUMBASS!

As riots rage across the interior of France, Chirac has failed after nearly two weeks to stop the spread of violence, which will ultimately make the L.A. Riots look like an argument at a traffic stop. This situation has been brought on by a weak French economy, extremely lax immigration controls (which led to one of Europe's most massive Middle Eastern communities) and an inexplicable superiority complex by French people toward these immigrants that they allowed into France by the millions. Chirac is out of his depth.

"Those who want to sow violence of fear, they will be arrested, judged and punished!"
30,000 cars destroyed, 41 injured police so far...and the cops haven't fired a single shot. HELLO!? I would be turning up the HEAT on these bastards, some of which are using firearms and gas bombs!
"We understand also that the evolution of things requires respect for everyone, justice and equality of opportunities - but there is a precondition: the restoration of security and public order."
What the hell? You ask me, it is friggin' RAMBO TIME -- what is it with these silly Frogs?

While I would not wish this even on the French citizenry, Chirac has been no friend to the U.S. and our coalition. His refusal to participate in ousting Saddam Hussein, perhaps due to his own involvement in the Oil-for-Food scandal, and his blustery speeches against President George Bush, have rendered him a sadly comical figure in the eyes of the world - and one who's political star is fading - fast!

A word about young Muslims in the Western World: For France in particular, and Europe in general, they need to wake the hell up! These Young Muslim Men (gee, doesn't that sound familiar?) are organized, angry and looking to turn Europe into a shithole - much like the one they or their parents came from.

When they showed up to these lands of opportunity, they expected a milder climate and a hand-out. Now that they are not getting fat and rich by doing nothing (other than attending one of hundreds of mosques sprouting up weekly across Europe, many of which are teaching DEATH to the INFIDEL!), and the taxpaying masses are getting tired of paying for the health care, feeding and education of people who will not assimilate into European culture, the situation is getting a little sticky.

Weak leaders across Europe have only themselves to blame for this madness. Chirac, who might very well come crawling to his allies before all is said and done (and I hope we tell him to "Eat Merde" when he does), has once again proven himself, in Chazz-speak, a TRUE DUMBASS!