Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"The View" of a Rosie Cheeked Dumbass

Well, the "Queen of Nice" (now morphed into the "Queen of Mindless Liberal Babble") has done it again...this time within a week of starting a brand new TV gig. As the new co-host (notice I didn't say "co-hostess") of "The View," no one could have imagined a replacement that might make many viewers pine for the return of the almost-equally-ridiculous Starr Jones. That is, until Rosie opened that gaping maw and did what she does best these days...made an ass out of herself (see the upper right-hand image on this page! ;-).

Now, I am not about to jump on the bandwagon out there that is calling her some unsavory and insensitive things that make fun of her excessive weight, homosexuality, or other nonsense. Those are not among the reasons that I have awarded Rosie the coveted DOTW Crown!!! I honestly have no problem with homosexuality - but in Rosie O'Donnell's case I think it germane to point out that a "lady" like her might just be as revolting to most men as they are to her. Some otherwise poor slob out there should be on his knees thanking God that he did not have to put up with this one!

Oh right...about God. According to her comments made on the most recent installment of this televised estrogen-fest, Rosie wouldn't like that "God" comment very much! In fact, it would seem that she finds Christians as disgusting as she does men.
"Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state."
Hon, what planet have you been living on? It would seem to me ROSIE that, were you to practice your particular sexual preference in, say, Iran, you would be anything but popular, well-paid, happy...or perhaps even alive. I don't see any Christians knocking down the gate to your Hollywood mansion looking for a stoning of the "sexual deviant." What, don't like that turn of phrase? Well, you would soon learn it in the Muslim world - and likely in Arabic or Farsi (Persian).

You see, Rosie O' has now decided that having come out of the closet, she can be EXACTLY who she is...which is anything but the Queen of Nice. I would further argue that she is not the Queen of Research, the Queen of Logic nor the Queen of World Events in any capacity.

Like many Liberals, O'Donnell espouses the constitution and our supposed "loss of civil liberties"...and yet has a massive problem with the Second Amendment. That is, unless it is her bodyguard carrying the weapon, as was the case in 2000 when he entered her adopted child's school parking.
"You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun, I think you should go to prison."
Even futher back, while she was still considered "nice," Rosie was working hard on her unhinged persona that we now know a love (to laugh at). According to "Wikipedia:"

"In 1999, O'Donnell interviewed actor Tom Selleck, who was promoting a film. During the interview, in what some critics perceived as an "ambush," O'Donnell confronted him about his stance on guns and his involvement with the NRA, making it an infamously tense TV moment. The interview was controversial as according to Selleck, the two agreed not to discuss the topic prior to his appearance on the show. She maintains that he and his publicist had been informed that the topic would be discussed."

"Also in May 1999, Bernadette Peters and the rest of the cast from Annie Get Your Gun was to appear for taping and perform the song "Anything You Can Do." O’Donnell insisted that the line "I can shoot a partridge with a single cartridge" be removed from the song. Peters refused, and the cast sang a different song without Peters. Later in 1999, O'Donnell discontinued her contract with Kmart as their spokeswoman, because of her opinion of the large retailer's sale of firearms."
Like many celebrities, Rosie O'Donnell did not finish college, has never held a political office nor has she served in the military - yet she feels qualified and compelled to dictate policy and military doctrine to the rest of us. Her lack of qualifications and penchant for putting her foot squarely in it reminds me a bit of a few other Celebrity Dumbasses who have graced this site in the past (see Chazz's tributes to Ben Affleck , Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Donald Sutherland and Kanye West).

To wrap this up, I will repeat myself from previous posts. If you are a singer (as in Dixie Chics' Natalie Maines), just S.T.F.U. AND SING ALREADY! Same goes for other celebrity performers...so Rosie, here is my advice: Keep your idiotic and childish politics to yourself and TRY to be funny again! Seems to have been quite some time since you were.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Adam Yehiye Gadahn - "American Al-Qaida" Dumbass

"Hey, get me some more Cheese Fries, INFIDEL!!!"
Let me just start with the obvious - here we have a(n) (obviously) disillusioned young man of 28 who seems to suffer from the Madonna school of (badly) affecting foreign accents. In her case, it is supposed to be an English accent she is impersonating (remember, Madonna + Acting ain't exactly Cheese + Crackers); for Adam, he is (vainly) attempting to emulate his Islamic thug heroes. In both cases, they make themselves look foolish - especially to those they are trying to fit in with.

Just days before the 5th anniversary of 9-11, Adam (a.k.a. "Azzam the American") Yehiye Gadahn made his second big-time appearance - with his new pal, Al-Qaida's number two Ayman Al-Zawahir - on a videotape released on an Islamic militant web site earlier this month. But unlike his July 7th debut, in this 48-minute video he was given a much more starring role - suggesting that Al-Qaida believes him to be someone who can communicate effectively with Americans (DOH! Revisit first paragraph IRT communication skills).

Zawahiri had simply opened the segment with a brief introduction to the video and a call to Americans to convert to Islam. (Yeah, I'll get right on that, Ayman buddy).

This sad and confused lad Adam actually delivered something like a lecture in the video, chastising Christians and Jews in "Bush's crusades" while praising the successes of his new idols in Iraq and Afghanistan and at times directing his comments to U.S. troops. Some snippets of Adam's "recruiting pitch" to the Soldiers:
"Instead of killing yourself for Bush ... why not surrender to the truth (of Islam)? Escape from the unbelieving army and join the winning side. Time is running out so make the right choice before it's too late...."

"You know that if you die as an unbeliever in battle against the Muslims you’re going straight to Hell without passing GO ... You know you’re considered by Bush and his bunch of warmongers as nothing more than expendable cannon fodder ... You know they couldn't care less about your safety and well-being."
According to the Associated Press:
"Gadahn grew up in rural simplicity on a ranch southwest of Hemet, California. His father, Philip, said he moved there in the 1970s to escape the noise and traffic of the city, changing the family name from Pearlman because he was starting a new life...
--His family name was "Pearlman"? Imagine that...
"The family tried raising goats as a business, but it wasn't profitable and they now keep them just to eat the grass around the home as fire protection."
--I wonder what may have happened if the Pearlmans got a lawnmower and made their shiftless son mow the friggin grass! And growing up with all those goats just had to have an affect on the poor boy...d'ya think he dated any girls? (Naaahhhhh....
"Gadahn (chose to) move to the suburbs of Los Angeles where he became a Muslim and worshipped at the Islamic Society of Orange County. The mosque later expelled him for attacking one of its leaders."
--They were probably making fun of his fake Arabic accent. Kids can be SO CRUEL!

From an MSNBC article, dated May 27, 2004:
"Gadahn was home-schooled at the family farm in Riverside County. He did not attend college. Omar said the family was a 'more or less Christian household, but no one was particularly religious.'"
--Home schooled by a Jewish familiy that was suffering a crisis in both identity and religion? No chores? No college? Goats for friends? Jeeeeez...no wonder this plump fuzzy-cheeked young'un turned out to be such a messed up Freakazoid!

So "Azzam" disappeared from the U.S. soon after the 9-11 attacks in 2001 - perhaps because he thought those burning towers he saw on his television while petting his goat and scarfing cheese-fries was a vision from Allah?

In 2004, the FBI announced it was seeking Gadahn in connection with possible terrorist threats against the U.S. But by the looks of our soft, erstwhile countryman, I would not expect to see him take up arms or explosives for his newfound cause anytime soon. Those American Soldiers he presumed to lecture to might not play as nice-nice as those meanies in the California mosque who kicked him to the curb.

No, Azzam will enjoy his shortlived celebrity / pariah status until he is no longer deemed useful, and I predict he will be abandoned as unceremoniously by his new handlers as a torn sandal in a Baghdad alley; left with just the "pariah" thing to live - or die - with.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kofi Annan - International Dumbass of Mystery

courtesy of PritchettCartoons.comDon't ya just love this guy? Here is the Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, who couldn't be clearer about his hatred of the United States if he were to throw excrement out of the windows of his lush U.N. office onto the New York City streets below.

Evidence of his anti-U.S./Israel stand, along with his sheer ineptitude, has followed this tribal son of Ghana. Tainted by such trivial annoyances as:
Sorry, but I think this weak and ineffective leader really needs to go. He is either cashing in or repaying favors in United Nations corruption. At every opportunity, Annan just loves to blast the U.S. and Israel.

Kofi Annan, at a news conference in Tehran:
"On the nuclear issue, the president (of Iran) reaffirmed to me Iran’s preparedness and determination to negotiate and find a solution to the crisis." He added that Ahmadinejad had told him Iran "does not accept suspension (of uranium enrichment) before negotiations", as demanded by the U.N. Security Council.
All of this just two days after Iran thumbed its nose at the world. Am I crazy, or does it not seem that the esteemed leader of the United Nations got his ass kicked in all of this? Perhaps he would have done better sticking to his appeasement, er, talks with the "nation" of Hezbollah?