Monday, February 27, 2006

Louis Farrakhan Wants to Burn America!

"America MUST BURN!"
He's BACK!!! In what can only be described as his signature Bald-faced Racism and Hatred, Louis Farrakhan joined up with a veritable Rogues Gallery of African Americans (who also happen to be Dumbasses) Sunday afternoon as he condemned America for an audience of thousands at the ironically named "Saviors' Day," which this year was also touted as the "State of the Black Union 2006." If THIS is the state (of mind) of Black America, then the works of truly great Black Leaders (all of whom are now gone) was all for nothing. Zero.

Other Leading Dumbasses at the Hatefest included Danny Glover, Al Sharpton, Joe Lowery and Harry Belafonte.

"You are a weak nation now and your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of Satan. They own Congress. That's why the Congress ain’t right," Farrakhan said, referring to his conspiracy theory that Jews control the United States.
(Somehow, Farrakhan gets away with phrases like "synagogue of Satan." God forbid a Jew should reference "Mosques of Malevolence" - or even cartoons for that matter.)

Here are some choice snippets from this Master of Dumbasses:

"You may not like me and I really don't give a damn!"
No, Louis. I really don't like Lima Beans. But given the opportunity, I would not stick my Size 11 straight up the ass of just any offensive vegetable. You are in a different league entirely, Killer.

"Condoleezza Rice doesn't speak for us, she speaks for Halliburton and George W. Bush."
You doggin' out Condi Rice is akin to Danny DaVito calling Silvester Stallone a pussy. Doctor Rice has reached the pinnacle of academic and professional achievement while leading a life of public service. You, on the other hand, have earned millions inflaming racial hatred and playing upon the despair of the poor.

"America must be burned! America is no good at all....can't you open your eyes and see the house is burning? ...The house must burn!"
So, let me get this straight, Louie - you want to BURN AMERICA? The country in which you rose to wealth and fame (infamy?) by simply pissing people off at one another? Why would you want to burn such a place? Your hate-riddled ass would have been poor, and then dead or jailed pretty much anywhere else in the world. Dumbass.

"Did they promise us 40 acres and a mule? Did they fulfill it?"
Okay Killer, you win. Here is your 40 acres and a mule. What? You don't want it now? What do you mean you never worked an honest day in your life?
"Ah yeah, they are going to hate what I say and accuse me of teaching hate, but I’ll die on what I say."
We can only hope. Stop teasing!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Racist Moonbat Dumbass ~ Bryant Gumbel

In the history of Sports, there have been many examples of commentators and other personalities stepping on their proverbial dicks with politically incorrect utterances. In most cases that have gotten media attention, those mistakes were made by white sports figures or commentators about black athletes. Although not always hateful or critical, it has been an unspoken rule that one simply leaves the race thing alone. Here are some examples:

On black athletic superiority, "During the slave period, the slave owner would breed his big black with his big woman so that he would have a big black kid—that's where it all started."
Jimmy the Greek - Fired by CBS 1988

On Washington Redskins wide-receiver Alvin Garretts break for a pass, "That little monkey gets loose, doesn’t he?"
Howard Cosell - Resigned from ABC's Monday Night Football 1983

On Tiger Woods' impending victory at the Masters Cup Tournament "Tell him not to serve fried chicken next year [at the Masters Champions dinner]. Got it? Or collard greens or whatever the hell they serve."
Fuzzy Zeller - Apologized profusely and dropped out of the Tournament 1997
So much for history. How about LAST WEEK?

Referring to the Winter Olympics, "Count me among those who don't care about them and won't watch try not to laugh when someone says these are the world's greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the winter games look like a GOP convention."
Bryant Gumbel - NO CONSEQUENCES (imagine that?)

Bryant Gumbel shows us the inequity in Political Correctness. With a reputation for coming off like he's just a little better than anyone he interviews, he represents a liberal elite that can throw racial and political jabs willy-nilly into a sports program. Hey Bryant! This is supposed to be "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" - not "Real Moonbat Hatred with Bryant the DUMBASS!"

The National Leadership Network of Conservative African-Americans, also known as Project 21, had this to say about Gumbel's remarks in a press release:

"Everyone can understand a person's disdain for a particular sporting event, but for Gumbel to castigate an entire field of athletes who have worked a lifetime in pursuit of a dream - and then injecting race into it - is unforgivable," said Project 21 member Mychal Massie. "HBO, the station that employs Gumbel, features a lot of boxing. Should they be condemned for having too many Mexican boxers or not enough white ones? Should he be condemned for only having one other black on his news team? Following Gumbel's rationale, I would expect the answer to be yes."

"Interest in sporting activities are often dictated by environment. That's why Nordic and European countries have excelled in past Winter Olympics," said Project 21 member Deneen Moore. "It's a simple fact that winter sports are not part of black culture for both geographic and economic reasons. Accessibility, affordability and motivation are key requirements for individuals to excel in sport activities, not the color of one's skin. Mr. Gumbel should be aware of these obvious facts and not try to score cheap racial political points."
It seems to me that these folks are none too happy with Bryant "Teflon" Gumbel. And although they are themselves very politically correct in their remarks, it can leave one wondering why they are being so nice. Here, let me translate for them:
"Bryant Gumbel is a Racist, Moonbat DUMBASS!"
Here are some classic political Gumbelisms for you "Today Show" fans:

"Largely as a result of the policies and priorities of the Reagan administration, more people are becoming poor and staying poor in this country than at any time since World War II." -- July 17, 1989

"The bottom line is more tax money is going to be needed. Just how much will be the primary issue on the agenda when Congressional leaders meet with the President later today, Wednesday, May the 9th, 1990. And good morning, welcome to Today. It’s a Wednesday morning, a day when the budget picture, frankly, seems gloomier than ever. It now seems the time has come to pay the fiddler for our costly dance of the Reagan years." -- May 9, 1990

"We keep looking for some good to come out of this. Maybe it might help in putting race relations back on the front burner after they’ve been subjugated so long as a result of the Reagan years." -- On the Los Angeles riots, April 30, 1992

"This comes at a time when Republicans are looking to gut the Clean Water Act and also the Safe Drinking Water Act. What are our options? Are we now forced to boil water because bottled water is not an economically feasible option for a lot of people?" -- June 1, 1995

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cartoons Outrage Persists ~ so Mohammed is DOTW Again!

Faked Cartoon by Imams in Denmark
I know, I know..."A Different Dumbass Every Week," right? But this time, I really couldn't think of anyone who deserves it more. Of course, I use Mohammed as the fall-guy for all of Islam on this...which is as it should be, since he's the murderous thug what started all this shit!

This image that I've included this week is one of THE FAKE CARTOONS that Imams in Denmark tried to pass off as among those published by Danish cartoonists. It depicts Mohammed as a Pedophile (which might have been true?) and Devil (which seems to be true!). There are two other fake images these Dumbasses put out there to further piss off the camel-jockeying hordes.

Watch this video to see what these animals are all about.

I love me some Anne Coulter! At the Conservative Political Action Conference, while referring to our Homeland Security policies, she said:

"I think our motto should be post-9-11, 'raghead talks tough, raghead faces consequences.'"
I also dig Michelle Malkin, who said:

I don't care what they wear on their heads. I care what's in their heads and what's strapped around their chests and and what's hidden in the soles of their shoes and what's being cooked up in their labs and nuclear reactors. I have a lot of blunt names for these jihadists who have killed our sailors and soldiers, butchered and beheaded innocent civilians from around the world, flown planes into buildings and incinerated babies, children, and pregnant women in the name of religion. 'Ragheads' is not the word that immediately comes to my mind. Evildoers. Bloody murderers. Bastards. Yes.
What really pisses me off is how many PUSSIES we have out there in the world who are KISSING THESE RAGHEAD ASSES (that's right - I said it!) and banning these cartoons from being shown or published. Where is the ACLU condemning this attack against Freedom of Expression? They are probably walking right next to these morons - brandishing signs calling for Jihad and more Head Lopping. Dumbasses.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mohammed ~ Prophet for the Religion of DUMBASSES!

So a dozen fairly harmless cartoons are drawn by some Danish guys, then published in some Danish papers about as far removed from the Middle East as possible. Then, several months later, a Muslim Infested Norway is treated with the same rehashed cartoons in some of their papers, and then a few more appear around Europe. Big deal, right?

But NO!!!! Throughout Europe and the Middle East, it was "Angry Friday," then became "Protest and Pillage Saturday," and then "Let's Burn Embassies Sunday." Mobs of self-righteous ragheads united against SOME FUCKING CARTOONS!!!! Never mind that TERRORISM infects their fucked-up "religion." Never mind that beheadings, hijackings, mass murder and suckling on the welfare teet of Europe have become the daily ritual of Modern Muslims.

Hey FUCKHEADS! You want to see some REAL OUTRAGE??? Just keep burning shit in France, picketing with "Behead the Cartoonists" signs in England, and bringing lawsuits against the U.S. for Gitmo and Abu Gharib. Keep supporting unhinged dictators like Ahmadenijad in Iran, blowing up trains in Spain, Discos in Bali, barracks in Saudi Arabia, U.S. Navy ships in Yemen. Keep doing that and everything else your pathetic religion dicates you should do.

The Infidel is about to KICK YOUR DUSTBOWL THIRDWORLD you'd best get some provisions together, cuz the remaining caves in Afghanistan are at a premium!